SICOT Educational Day

The needs of Orthopaedic residents, fellows and practicing Orthopaedic surgeons around the world are evolving constantly. At the same time, evidence-based knowledge in Orthopaedics is expanding at a very rapid rate. Moreover, all the residents around the world need to take exams at some stage in their career to mark completion of training and/or demonstrate competency. Also, most practicing Orthopaedic surgeons do have to undergo some form of appraisal or revalidation at regular intervals to demonstrate fitness to practice. In both these scenarios, acquiring and updating knowledge in a short span of time is essential. The SICOT Educational Day was conceived with exactly this purpose in mind. 

The aim of this day is to provide a comprehensive review course for the residents and an evidence-based update for the practicing surgeons on a specific theme at each SICOT Congress. The theme is selected in such a way that it is mutually beneficial to the resident in their exams and to the Orthopaedic surgeons in their daily practice. The themes are based on the syllabus of the FRCS (Tr & Orth) exam in the UK and the EBOT exam in Europe, and will be run in a cycle of five years. The event is planned to be held on the first day of every SICOT meeting and would be reasonably priced for the residents and surgeons in training.

The Educational Day was launched at the SICOT Triennial World Congress in Prague in 2011. The theme in Prague was 'The Hip', then 'The Knee' in Dubai in 2012, 'Trauma' in Hyderabad in 2013, 'Shoulder & Elbow' in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, 'Hand & Wrist' and 'Spine' in Guangzhou in 2015, and 'Foot & Ankle', 'Paediatric Orthopaedics' in Rome in 2016, 'The Hip' in Cape Town in 2017, 'The Knee' in Montreal in 2018, and 'Trauma' in Muscat in 2019. These days focussed on all the elements of hip and knee surgery right from anatomy and surgical approaches to complex revision arthroplasty. The format consisted of four to six short lectures in each section followed by ample time for discussion and debate during coffee breaks. Dedicated teachers, a mix of the younger and the older generation, from around the globe were brought together to lecture on their area of expertise. The response to these days has been overwhelming and the feedback has been excellent.

So, if you wish to learn, share, debate and discuss ideas and surgical techniques in an exciting environment with a group of international surgeons in one room, the Educational Day is the place for you. We look forward to seeing you there!