Musculoskeletal Allograft

The preservation and improvement of safety and quality standards in musculoskeletal allografts are essential when global exchange of knowledge and dissemination of healthcare techniques reach all parts of the world. The W.H.O. has commenced with 'Project Notify', a program which encourages systematic reporting of all serious adverse reactions and effects resulting from organ, cell and tissue transplantation.

The part of the project related to musculoskeletal allograft is summarised in the following article of International Orthopaedics:

Hinsenkamp M, Muylle L, Eastlund T, Fehily D, Noël L, Strong DM. Adverse reactions and events related to musculoskeletal allografts: reviewed by the World Health Organisation Project NOTIFY. DOI: 10.1007/s00264-011-1391-7   

To contribute to a good worldwide survey, SICOT encourages its members and all orthopaedic surgeons to complete the following notification form which will contribute to identify problems and help to propose preventive action.

SICOT members have access to the form through the following link: 
Adverse Reaction Notification Form